Spartans – Women’s Team

Kicking off in 2014, our Women’s team has been a great addition to our Club. With a team comprising of new players to the sport, Head Coach Luke Chapman has led the Women’s team to success both on and off the field. While the team has not clinched its first playoff birth, the Ladies have been close to reaching the 4th seed, finishing off back to back seasons in 5th.

Outside of the Spartans, several of our Women players have seen success at a State and National level, as well as attracting interest from international and former LFL & LGL players.

Roster & Player Profiles

1. Lydia Watson, WR

5. Shakira Barrett, OL

7. Beth Fairly, RB (IR)

6. Sarah Blue, CB

8. Holly Dymock, WR

13. Melissa Frost, CB

14. Casey Cubis, QB

16. Fiona Gaudron, OL

19. Sarah Lydon, TE

24. Megan White, DL

27. Allie Heggum, CB

28. Kate Bennett, OL

33. Rhianna Kuss, CB

46. Erin Jean, OL

55. Myee Kuss, OL

69. Toni Abbott, LB

72. Jess Lundgen, WR

89. Brandy Clucas, DL

92. Kirsty Wheeler, LB

93. Dineke Nolan, DL

94. Katie Bradly, OL

96. Alice Robinson, WR

97. Charmaine Pavelka, LB

Coaching Staff

Head Coach

Luke Chapman

Assistant Coach

Liesa O'Donnel

Assistant Coach

Emily Tidswell