Spartans – Men’s Team

Our Spartans Men’s team has been a continual force in the league, challenging top level teams, showing off its burning desire to win, and playing with true Spartan spirit. Coming off a red hot 2016, and its first ever playoff birth, our Men’s team is looking to continue to build on its recent success and become a top level contender.

Head Coach Gary Price has done an amazing job turning this team around in his 2 year tenure, implementing the stepping stones for the teams success. 2016 saw the returnĀ of Defensive Coordinator Matthew Lewis, who led the Spartan’s defensive to be the 2nd ranked defense in the league.

Coaching Staff

Roster & Player Profiles

1. Daniel Prosser, WR

2. Josh Giffin, DE

3. Dusty Dryden, QB

5. Jonno Lee, DL

7. Alex Sumpton, LB

8. Adam Effertz, CB (IR)

9. Shane Grace, QB

11. Eli Mooreman, WR (IR)

13. Doug Pinner, RB

14. Connor Brady, LB

18. Kadyn Migala, CB (IR)

20. Bryce Taylor, CB

21. Jaiydn Dalziel, WR/CB (IR)

22. Benjamin Gough, RB/LB

23. Kerry Tidswell, WR

24. Ben Rogers, WR/CB

25. Andrew Stone, OL/DL

27. Andrew Pollard, LB

28. Caleb Wojtek Stainwald, WR

29. Mitch Pleysier, FS/WR

32. Brad Ebdon, LB (IR)

33. Callum Baster, WR

46. Corey Ayers, DL

49. Sandy Stone, DL

54. Christian O’Dea, DL

55. Roger Christianson, OL

64. Jacob Curry, OL

66. Anthony Jones, DL

69. Locky Porters, OL

70. Andrew Martin, OL

71. Chris Smith, DL

77. Ben Cornelissan, OL

78. Mark Sullivan, OL

83. Warwick Russell, WR

84. Jude Cunningham, WR

88. John Demetriou, WR

91. Dave Callaghan, LB/RB

99. Wes Knight, DL

Head Coach/Offence

Gary Price

Defensive Coordinator

Matt Lewis

Playoff History

  • 2016

    Coming of its best season ever at 6-4, the Spartans Men’s clinched their first playoff birth for the first time ever. In what was a tough fought battle, the Brisbane Rhinos proved to be the better team on the day, winning the contest 26-6.